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Pablo Nunez returns for his 11th year
Published Feb 3, 2019
FCSC announces the return of Pablo Nunez, Santa Clarita's oldest veteran agreed to return for his amazing eleventh year
Nunez began with the Storm in it's beginning back in the Antelope Valley.  Back when the Storm's history began the team started in Lancaster, Ca under the name of the Lancaster Rattlers in the USLPDL in 2006. Nunez signed with the teams U-20 team in 2008, moved up to the main team in 2009 and staring every since.
"Pablo is the teams oldest player in sense of his longevity he started with us at a young age in our second team a U-20 squad and quickly promoted to the main team," said Gary Brunner teams GM " Pablo has been with the team a long time and moved with us when we relocated to Santa Clarita and rebranded the Club. We are very proud of our player's longevity with the team said Brunner, it says something for the team because players do not return to a team that they do not like. "  Brunner went on to say We have a good number of player's with 4,5 and 6 years terms with the team but Pablo is the longest.".  Pablo really should be at the next level at least the USLPRO level Brunner said he is really a valued player for the team adds a tremendous amount of security when we have Pablo in the back line. Hopefully, we will be able to give him those opportunities to advance in the near future".
Pablo Nunez Defender born 1992 155lbs 5'7" from Palmdale, California
Nunez will join the team Feb16th the date that marks the start of the 2019 UPSL Spring season.
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