FC Santa Clarita Storm

About the Team



We are committed and dedicated to the development of our youth in the sport of soccer! It is our vision to give any and all players the opportunity to develop, grow and accomplish any and all dreams, goals, desires they may have. It is also our vision to develop the highest level of elite players in Southern California and will instil a Development Program beginning with a solid foundation of teaching through training with both coaches and trainers for all age groups. It is our desire to Improve their self-esteem and teach a positive attitude, to teach each individual that character counts both on and off the field, to teach good basic moral standards in all aspects of life, to promote education, develop a program that creates opportunities for assistance in the player's educational needs, to create an avenue for scholarships through sports, to lead by example, and to develop the game of soccer for each and every player.This foundation of teaching and training will be accomplished with the development of a youth academy that will further the growth of the youth and the sport of soccer by:

  • A) Improving the individual skills of the player.
  • B) Teaching work ethic; giving 100% effort 100% of the time.
  • C) Promoting good sportsmanship and fair play at all times.
  • D) Instilling desire and passion for the game of soccer.
  • E) Creating an atmosphere for high quality competitive soccer
  • F) Taking advantage of the different developmental levels to advance players into high level soccer.

With further growth and establishment in the Santa Clarita Valley; we will also be providing clinics with programs to fit the needs of the individual player, along with Continuing Education Clinics for the coaches and trainers themselves so they too can reach their highest potential. It is also our commitment to develop a unification of fans, players, parents, coaches and the entire community, laying down a foundation of growth for the youth and the communities of the Santa Clarita Valley!